Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The weekend is not turning out quite as planned. I know that to be true, even though it's only 7:30 in the morning. Tom called me last night as I was heading down to the local watering hole to meet our friend Leigh. He's safely off the mountain, a day sooner than expected. Instead of coming home tomorrow, he and Tom have changed their flight and are coming home at 5:30 this evening.

I'm not ready.

Today is the day that Beth comes over for a farmers market expedition and knitting. It's also the day of the VM Software Reunion, where I get to meet up with over 100 of my former coworkers. That activity is now crossed off the schedule.

I also need to clean the house, which was on the schedule for tomorrow. Instead of a nice leisurely cleaning, I'll be tearing about the house like a mad woman, doing only the most superficial of cleanings. And then there's the little matter of the 10 pounds of Jacob roving. Where, oh where am I going to put it?

News at 11:00...


Sheepish Annie said...

It never fails...just when you get into a groove as a temporarily single gal, a spanner gets tossed into the works. Now let's see...10 pounds of roving. Perhaps you could put it in the car as a short-term solution? My mom used to hide things in the oven until she could find it's true place. You probably won't like my solution which is to put the fiber in gi-normous ziploc bags and hang them from every doorknob. ;)

msubulldog said...

I always schedule my last day for cleaning when my husband's away, too. How dare they descend a day early and head home? *grin* Srry you're having to miss your reunion, though. That would've been fun.