Thursday, July 28, 2005

Too Fast!

So here I am, enjoying my newly found freedom, when BAM! Out of the blue comes a request for a resume from a former colleague. Soon after I send it to him, the hiring manager calls and would like me to come in for an interview. On Friday. Like of this week. Yikes! It's too soon!

I suppose that's what happens when you hand things off to the universe. Yesterday, I was feeling incredibly open and light and confident. Today, I'm panicking. Not because I'm afraid I won't do well in the interview, but because I don't think I'm ready to take on another stressful position and particularly one that comes with an hour-long commute, one way. So we'd be looking at 12-14 hour days. That's going to seriously cut into my knitting time!

On the upside, I'll have money to buy yarn and attend knitting retreats. And I can take the back roads to work, which involves taking White's Ferry, which is about five miles from my house. This means that I can knit a few sock rounds while waiting for the ferry and during the crossing.

And in sock news, I cast on the sock yet again, using smaller needles. I really like the Old Norwegian cast-on and think it makes for a nice top edge. On about round 3, I looked at the sock and my heart sank. Danged if somehow the stitches flipped around and the inside is now the outside! I ran upstairs, flapped the offending sock at my husband, and ranted about the tribulations of knitting this stupid sock. He simply looked up from his book and calmly said "So don't knit it." What?! But I need to knit him something to wear! And I'm not going to let a mere sock get the best of me!

Several rounds later (I had decided that since the cuff would never be visible, I could live with it), I realized that it was an optical illusion. Silly me.

All the knitters I know say that socks are great projects for beginners. I cannot figure why anyone would want to inflict a sock project on a beginning knitter. There are all of those increases and decreases for the heel and toe. Not to mention knitting in the round with five tiny needles. It's enough to make a beginner's head explode (and I know what I'm talking about...I was there and it almost put me off of making socks).

Well, it's late. I need to get my beauty rest for the interview tomorrow. Ciao!


Surly said...

Good luck at the interview!

Mia said...

Good luck at the interview. White's Ferry is so cool. I didn't realize hat you lived that close. I will try and email you next time I head over to Leesburg.

Anonymous said...

I hope the interview went well. Remember, even if they offer you the job, you don't have to take it (right?). Must be nice, though, to be in demand! ;)

Anonymous said...

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