Monday, July 25, 2005


One of the traits that I have is my ability to be content to not do anything. My husband finds this to be very frustrating, because he's all about getting things accomplished. My take on it is that what's here today will be here tomorrow and what bad will happen if I don't accomplish what I set out to do, especially if I find something more interesting to do than, say, clean the bathroom?

However, I can see where this can become a problem now that my day-to-day routine has been disrupted by losing my job. It's also a problem because Tom works from home two days a week and doesn't like his routine to be interrupted. My plan is to use the two days that he works from home to work on my knitting and spinning. The other three days will be spent cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, running errands, looking for a job (and of course, knitting and spinning). I'm not going to get any more specific than that.

Since my introduction to the world of knitting and spinning blogs, I must admit that I felt a certain amount of jealousy admiration for those women who devote their lives to their knitting and spinning and writing and children. It seems like a charmed, idyllic life. Now I'm there (minus the children, of course). Will it truly be as charming and idyllic as I thought it would be? Time will tell, so check back often to see how I'm doing.

And speaking of structure, the sock is still bothering me, in a big way. I visited Terri's blog yesterday and was struck the truth in her "Less than Perfect" entry. It was very timely because the I was thinking about frogging it, again. My husband thinks the sock looks just fine. So Terri gave me the inspiration to carry on.

Then I got an email from Susan suggesting that perhaps my needle size is a tad too large for the project. I had been wondering about that myself. So, even though I had decided to not frog, maybe I'll frog the sock and switch to smaller needles. Maybe I'll stop using the pattern that I'm using (I mean, I didn't marry the thing!). Maybe I'll practice the YO short row before taking any drastic measures like frogging.

But I think what I'm going to do right now is work on the Fern Leaf shawl and then spin.

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Valerie said...

re: structure
(house) work will expand to take up any amount of time that you allow it. In order to avoid this, I suggest you take a look at and give the house stuff some structure just to keep the amount of time devoted to that limited and confined.
Then you will have the idyllic time for knitting and spinning, and perhaps reading (? transferrance on my part...I love reading as much as fiber.)