Saturday, July 23, 2005

On YO Short Rows

I've made good progress on the sock, having just completed the heel. But the sock still offends. Or to be more specific, the yarn over short rows still offend. Look:

See the white? Those are gaps--a whopping quarter inch each! I'm not happy.

I can understand not perfecting the technique the first time it's tried. I understand the technique much better now. So I expected no gaps. I knit tighter this time. But gaps I have. The only difference between these gaps and the gaps on the frogged sock are that these gaps aren't quite as tall. But I still have gaps. I hate gaps.

For those readers who have more experience with yarn over short rows, I pose a question. How do you not get gaps? What magic ritual must one perform before undertaking a yarn over short row heel?

This sock is not going to defeat me. I will not have gaps at the toe. Ha! I will use the slip-wrap-slip short row technique.

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Elaine said...

PGR who popularized the short row heel and toe does not use wrapped short rows. She basically does a yo (albeit backwards) at each turn. When increasing up again, the extra yo 'stitch' creates a K3tog and fills the gap. I've made 3 pair of adult socks this way and 5 or 6 baby pair and I don't get a gap at all anymore. I know there is a website with good pictures of the technique...was it Knitty? now I forgetted.