Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Extreme Knitting

I have two entries today and both continue with the water theme that Cerridwen started. Amy submitted this photo:

That's her knitting (and presumably her arms) at the Dead Sea. She was hoping for a photo of her actually knitting while floating in the Dead Sea. For her good intention, she is awarded an Honorable Mention. If you'd like to read about her vacation travels, go here.

Right up there with Cerridwen for some serious extreme knitting is Janine (who I think is, alas, blogless). She decided to knit, not just on the water, but in the water:

You can see what's coming next, can't you?

Yes, that's Janine, knitting under the water. Don't you just love the way the skein is gently floating above her? Janine says:

My husband and I went up to Lake Wazee, WI to complete our open water SCUBA certification. Since we were camping, I started a simple garter scarf to keep me company around the campfire and during our lunch breaks. At the end of our second day with our diplomas in sight, things got a little silly. I wouldn't recommend underwater knitting for most folks unless you're REALLY in a time crunch for a felted project.

So who's where in the rankings? Very good question. Janine and Cerridwen are right up there, although I think Cerridwen has a slight edge on Janine for knitting while shooting Class II rapids. So, Cerridwen is in 1st place, with Janine a close 2nd. Margene drops to 3rd (high altitude record), with Jen in a very close 4th (she knit at 6000 feet, getting there under her own power). Amy receives an Honorable Mention for intending to knit while floating in the Dead Sea. Buttons and gallery are still in progress, so you'll receive them soon, hopefully.

I think anyone on the East Coast who knit outside yesterday or today deserves special Extreme Knitting recognition for braving the heat. Yesterday, the temperature at the Leesburg/Godfrey airport at 4:00EDT was 102 degrees Fahrenheit, or 39 degrees Centigrade. Fortunately, the humidity was only 40%. Today is much the same (102 degrees already), with slightly higher humidity. I'm not a big fan of air conditioning, but I'm very grateful for it today. I can't imagine what the women who lived in our house back in 1906 did when the temperatures got this high.

Keep those extreme knitting entries coming! The first group of prizes will be awarded in sometime in August.

Knit on!


Kathleen said...

That is so cool. I might have to get back into scuba diving.

Mia said...

Actually knitting going down a class 2 rapid is nothing compated to knitting underwater. Knitting while paddling a class 3 rapid would be another story. And in the photo is is a class 1 rapid. Yes, I am a kayaker who loves class 2 and 3 rapids. And I need to get someone to take my picture doing my extreme knititng soon.

Cerridwen said...

Mia, you should look into the Verde River challange if you are anywhere near AZ in April/May (the exact dates change every year). It's a lot of fun, and depending on where you are on the river (you were correct on the class I the pic shows, but right out of frame, and what I just came off of were some pretty awsome II's) and the water level, you can get the whole gammet of rapids. The stretch the we do rarely, if ever, get's above III, but farther down the river it can get more wild. Heck, even if you don't do the race, I recomend that everyone who likes kayaking should check out the Verde River!! Much fun!!

Jen said...

I love Janine's photo. My family scuba dives and I remember learning how to eat a banana underwater once. Good entries!

Carole said...

Those are great photos! I'm still working on ideas for my extreme knitting entry. Last week I had photos taking of myself knitting in the bucket of my brother-in-law's front end loader but that's just not extreme enough. Although, my husband commented that should I be killed in the process of taking extreme knitting photos, he'd have to find out how to update the blog so he could tell you guys - Carole has been injured in an attempt at extreme knitting. This is a fun contest, thanks for starting it.