Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I just can't win with the Sweater of Frustration Christine sweater. Maybe it's me, but I'm finding the chart for this pattern to be ambiguous at best. It has two markings for the five sizes and markings indicating sleeves, edge stitches, and a 10-stitch pattern repeat. But what does one do with the different size markings and the edge stitches? The number of stitches cast on is a multiple of 10, plus 5. But the marking for the size I'm knitting seem to suggest no right side edge stitch and a single wrong side edge stitch, and that does not work out to a multiple of 10, plus 5. This morning I knit the blue and beige band and after it was all said and done, tinked it. Tomorrow I'll knit the five edge stitches and the pattern repeat and see what that does.

I seem to be approaching this process by trial and error. Try it, see if it works, if it doesn't, rip it out and try something else. When it finally clicks, I know it will stay with me forever. Getting to that point is a painful process.

But as Margene says, it's the process. I'm just ready for this process to work.


Anne said...

How frustrating!! Hopefully you can get some knitting mojo going on that project and it'll all become crystal clear!

Sheepish Annie said...

Your determination on this project is nothing short of inspiring!!! I'd have given up and knit a scarf a loooong time ago. I'm betting that this will be an amazing sweater once the whole thing comes together!