Saturday, February 17, 2007

90 Rows

This is what 90 rows of cable-y, bobble-y sweater looks like:

That's about 10 inches. There are just over three inches left to knit before I start the shoulder and neck shaping and then I can move on to a front or another sleeve. There's hope that the Jenna sweater will be completed before my niece enters high school.

However, the Christine sweater? has been relegated to the basket of unfinished work. I'm going to rip out the sleeve (again) and start on the body of the sweater (there's minimal shaping). If I can make progress there and feel good about it, I'll continue on and get help with the sleeve later. If it isn't happening for me, I'm going to give it up and find another sweater to knit.

Several weeks ago, I ordered a copy of Victorian Lace Today. Of course, I want to knit everything in it. But I chose a simple diamond lace rectangle and purchased the yarn the other day. See?

Kidsilk Haze, in color Drab (588). It's not the prettiest color, but it's sort of neutral. I've never knit with this yarn but everyone who has seems to think it's wonderful. I'm a bit concerned about the mohair-y part, given my tendency to have to rip over and over again before I get things right, but hey...everyone needs a little challenge, right? It's very tempting to open up one of those balls and cast on and start knitting. But I don't need another work in progress at this point.

Weather Update
We actually got some winter weather on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, about four inches of snow and some ice, causing school and government closing and prompting me to work from home. (It's nice to have the technology to work from home, but it also means that there's no reason to take a snow day.) The temperature hasn't moved above the freezing point, so the snow (and ice) is going to be around for a while. In fact, I can walk on it and not sink in. Our driveway is a mess; Tom cleared only tire tracks and only for the part of the driveway closest to the street. I should have cleared the rest, because now it's near impossible to shovel. And it makes for getting in and out of the driveway very interesting.

Sheer Joy
Remember a few weeks ago when I thought my iron stopped working but it turned out that the outlet had stopped delivering electricity? Well, the iron actually did stop working later on and the outlet works just fine. After extensively researching the ironing options, we bought a Black and Decker Digital Advantage. It isn't the holy grail of irons, but ironing with it is sheer joy! The steam power is amazing and makes short work of wrinkles in cotton and linen. I can't wait to block something with it!

Emma Update
Our little cat seems to have gotten over whatever drove her into the deep, dark recesses of the basement. And once again, we learned that we cannot leave food or food scraps out. Tom cooked a stuffed turkey breast for Valentine's Day and put the pan with the drippings in the sink before bed. Interestingly, Emma did not sleep with us that night and when I got up in the morning to feed her, I discovered why. She spent the night lapping up the turkey fat. It's cute, but annoying. She's very interested in whatever it is I'm eating and would very much like to share what's on my plate. I don't let her, of course. Jez was not interested in people food at all, except for vanilla ice cream. Emma also loves vanilla ice cream and comes running whenever she hears the freezer door open. Now that is cute!


Anne said...

I absolutely love, love, love that Victorian Lace book. One key I have found with the yarn - if you DO have to rip (and try hard not to), if you take the work completely off the needles and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out, it will frog more easily (not easy, but more easily than usual). Enjoy!

Sheepish Annie said...

So glad that Emma is taking care of all your "spare" time so effectively! :)

I do love that bobbly sweater! The best things take time, I say. Of course, I have no patience for those things, but it is what I say. Happy knitting!