Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank Goodness I Had My Knitting

Only in a theoretical sense. I wasn't there. But if I was there, I would have been prepared. I'm very, very glad I wasn't there.

To what am I referring?

Denver, of course. And Stephanie's account of her and her brother's trip out to Big Sky, Montana, the day the really big blizzard hit Denver. Sadly, Stephanie is not a knitter. She missed some prime knitting time. I wonder how many people out of 5000 were observed calmly (or frantically) knitting in the midst of all the chaos that was the Denver Airport the Wednesday before Christmas?

Anyway, as predicted on Monday, there hasn't been much knitting. I'm still recovering from the cold and have moved into the guest room. As a result, I'm sleeping so much better. Even Emma is sleeping better; she didn't petition to be fed until almost 7:00 this morning! She normally wants to be fed a little before 5:00. That's much too early, but it does force me to do some early morning knitting.

I actually sat down this evening to work on the Christine sweater and am cursing every stitch. I managed to knit one row and have it come out correctly. The next row was a wrong side row. I knit a couple of stitches and noticed that the floats are on the right side. What?! I was carrying the yarn in the back! Duh. I unknit, and tried again. It still looked weird. I ripped it out again and start knitting one more time. I'm knitting. I should be purling! And how many years have I been knitting? Apparently not long enough.

My goal is to finish a sleeve of the Christine sweater by the first weekend in February, which is the next time I'll be visiting my family. At this rate, though, I'll be lucky if I get another couple rows knitted by then. I'm beginning to think that there's something very unnatural about knitting Fair Isle flat.


Anne said...

Glad you are feeling better - or at least on the mend. This thing drags on and on!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think those scandinavian folks had a good reason to knit in the round and then steek!

I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, you're still recovering from the Monkey're allowed to make a boo-boo or two!

Here's hoping that your recovery continues unabated and that your knitting senses return to normal.

I feed my cats at night rather than in the morning. That way we can all sleep until I am ready to get up!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully I'll never be stranded in an airport again....but just in case, I think I might have to learn to knit!