Friday, January 05, 2007

Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken

One of my New Year's resolutions was to blog more frequently and provide more pictures. In order to provide more pictures, that means I'd have to get my knit on more than I have.

I'm failing miserably.

I've almost finished one pattern repeat for the back of the Jenna sweater. That's a mere 20 rows. The back is supposed to measure about 16 inches. 20 rows is a measly two inches. At the rate of two to three rows per hour, I figure that I've got another 50 hours or so before the back is completed. Of course, my knitting speed will increase after we take down the Christmas tree because I won't be distracting Emma from chewing on the lights or swatting at the ornaments.

Tom's scarf is coming along quite nicely. I'm using Skacel's Divine, which is named appropriately. This yarn is a blend of baby alpaca, cashmere, and silk. Yum! The only problem is the winter weather, or lack thereof. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s! I have a suspicion that the scarf won't get worn this year.

All sock knitting has ceased in order to complete the sweaters and scarf. And two of my Christmas gifts are trying their utmost to distract me. Tom gave me Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns. It's a fascinating book and the sock patterns are all lovely and most are knit on small needles, mostly size 1. Sadly, knitting socks from that book will have to wait until my other socks are complete.

The other knitting book that Tom gave me is Traditional Fair Isle Knitting. This book is a bit scholarly, but is very readable. It would have been nice if there were more color photos but it is what it is. It's still inspiring. I didn't know that traditional Fair Isle was always knit in the round. It makes perfect sense, though, because you can see the pattern develop. Flat stranded knitting is oh so painful!

Weekend Activities
Sadly, there won't be much knitting this weekend. My nephew will be visiting, which more than makes up for the lack of knitting. He turned 21 yesterday and is an amazing young man. He's studying biology at Virginia Tech and his GPA last semester was 3.97. His class load included organic chemistry, cell and molecular biology, and physics. I've never made it through a Chem 101 class. I'm very, very proud of him.

Have a wonderful weekend! Knit on, friends.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, it sounds like you've been pretty busy over there! Who has time to blog with all that on your plate? We are just glad to hear from you.

Enjoy the weekend! How nice to have a visit from the nephew.