Sunday, January 07, 2007


I was feeling a bit smug about having dodged all the plagues that were dropping folks like flies last winter. I got nary a cold. My immune system rocks!

I'm not feeling so smug now. On Wednesday, I had a little bit of a headache and just a hint of scratchy throat. So I started the megadoses of Vitamin C, l-lysine, and zinc. I took the precaution of working from home Thursday and Friday so as to not infect my team. Thursday was a little worse than Wednesday and by the time Friday night came along, I was feeling a bit rough. That was nothing compared to Saturday.

I woke up Saturday with sinuses that felt like they were filled full of yucky stuff, my teeth hurt, I was cold and hot, and had a 100 degree fever. My throat still hurt and I was much more congested. This state of health was quite inconvenient because my nephew came up to visit for the weekend. I had visions of us touring Oatlands Plantation, the new Air and Space Museum and participating in witty and engaging conversation. I was lucky enough to be able to drag myself out of bed, make pancakes for Daniel, then head to the farmers market to get some of Chef Eloy's extra hot salsa for Tom. After we got back, Daniel and I laid in the sun on the deck and took a nap. Given that the temperature yesterday was 73 degrees, how could I not pass up the opportunity to make like a very large, somnolent cat? Later we had lunch and then spent the afternoon and evening watching football games.

I felt much better today, but Daniel had to leave to head down to college. Oh, well...

Knitting Progress
I actually did get some knitting done. I knit another two rows on the Jenna sweater and worked on Tom's scarf. However, I need to rip what I did since I forgot about the seed stitch border. Duh...friends (or husbands) shouldn't let friends (or wives) knit while sick.

Hopefully, I'll be able to show you some pictures later this week. Or at the very latest, over the weekend.

Stay healthy!


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, but am really sorry that your weekend was wrecked thanks to the killer virus. Here's hoping that your immune system has caught up and that you won't be stuck down again this winter!

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Oh-no! That's horrible that you got sick. Ah, I kept reading blogs about everyone getting sick over the holidays, but you still hate to hear of it striking friends. Hopefully you'll make a full recovery!

Those knits are coming along... no extra pressure here.