Monday, January 08, 2007

Almost There

I decided to stay home from work today, given that the day started with me hacking up a lung or two (I really didn't want my coworkers to have to endure that). This would give me the perfect opportunity to get some more rest, get caught up on some reading, and perhaps get caught up on some spinning and knitting as well, between a couple of well-placed naps.

I did get caught up on some blog reading. I finished Tom's scarf, only to realize that it was too short for me and would be way too short for him. I should have gotten three balls of Divine, not two. I'm not even sure that I like the way it looks. Depending on the availability of another skein or two of the same dyelot, I might just frog it and start over.

Given the weather, it's not like Tom's going to need it anytime soon.

I also spent a fair part of the day doing work stuff, calling in to meetings and reviewing documentation, all of which took longer than I thought. Given my congestion-fogged state of mind, it was really difficult to concentrate on all of the meetings.

So much for the well-placed naps.

But another day at home was just was I needed. By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was feeling much better, the congestion diminished, and both lungs stayed put. However, word has it that one or more stomach viruses are making their way around work. I'm hoping beyond hope that they stay away from me!

So, tomorrow will be back to normal and my blogging will drop precipitously again. The plan will be to have pictures for the weekend's post.

A bientot!

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Sheepish Annie said...

Lung hacking is bad. Very bad. Rest as needed or you will surely be the victim of the tummy troubles that are going around!!!