Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Enough Already!

You know, it used to be that I enjoyed rain storms. I found them to be energizing. And there's nothing better than curling up with a good book or some knitting and listening to the rain on the roof.

That all changed when we moved into our old house. Rain storms became a source of anxiety when we discovered all the places in the house where rain can come in...the sun porch roof, the know, all those places where rain shouldn't be coming in. Add to that a huge dying tree that hung over the house and rain coupled with high winds caused many a sleepless night during summer storms.

We took the tree down about three years ago so that worry is gone. We patched the roof when we renovated the back of the house, so there went that worry. Or so we thought. The patch didn't hold. So, ever since Saturday when the deluge started, my anxiety has been a bit higher than normal, especially at night. The sun room is off our bedroom and when the rains come, I lay in bed, just waiting for the sound of drip....drip...drip..drip.dripdripdripDRIPDRIPDRIPDRIPDRIP. We got more than six inches of rain between Saturday and Monday and probably collected several gallons in the sun room. You can imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to clear skies and no rain. Alas, it didn't last long. By afternoon, we were getting heavy rain showers. And now it's raining heavily and the poor cat is outside in the rain somewhere. (How appropriate...XM Radio World Zone is playing "The Rain is Falling" by Warsaw Village Band.)

Despite near perfect knitting conditions, I haven't made much progress on either the Jaywalkers or the blanket, although I have emerged from the twilight zone. I've finished the pattern rows and started on the seed stitch border with only seven more rows to knit up. And then the French knots...602 of them. It's not going to be pretty. The task is going to require strength, perverseness perseverance, and large quantity of chocolate, caffeine, and perhaps alcohol. I wonder if the Yarn Harlot could get me some Screech.

Despite the rain and the unfinished blanket, there was a ray of hope today. My horoscope said this:

This talent of yours is worth nurturing. Even if outward circumstances don't feel reassuring, keep on with it. Whatever nurtures your soul has the potential to turn into a financial source of support too.

While I wouldn't say that I'm a talented knitter, I'm interpreting the last sentence as an omen that my yarn shop ideas are eventually going to pan out.

One Skein
I mailed my secret pal her skein earlier this week and she got it today. This is what I sent:

It's a skein of silk chenille from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, in colors that she said she liked. I've always loved the feel of silk chenille and have been wanting to knit with it myself. It was very difficult to pack it up and ship it off. It was worth the grief of separation, though, when I read her thank-you note. I made a good choice.

Well, I think the rain has stopped. I'm off to search for a soggy kitty.


Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah, raining here, too. My will to do anything (knitting or otherwise) washed away about a month ago and I have to go to the bathroom pretty much all the time. I'm in need of some sun before I get rickets or something!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I could take some of that rain off your hands! We need it sooooo badly here in North Texas (last year was the second worst drought year on record, and they are predicting the same or worse for this year).

Hope you don't hear any inappropriate dripping noises . . . that is soooo nerve-racking!

Anonymous said...

That silk chennile is purty, and your horoscope is pointedly pleasant. And I could repeat Chris' words above that there's a flip side to your too much rain (there are already barbeque bans in certain residentail areas - how will Texans eat?), but all that has already been said.

Mostly, I just want to confirm that yes - 602 French knots is perverse! Hee!

Good luck, stay dry, and go get that kitty already.

~Jody said...

When I was a little girl we used to live in a house that took on water like a sinking ship. I can remember thinking how "cool" it was to have a swimming pool in the basement (no kidding 3 FEET of water). My parents of course thought otherwise...

Mia said...

What is that strange yellow orb up in the sky today? Do you remember what it is? I certainly don't. I am very lucky with my old house in that I don't have any water problems. And isn't strange how cats who hate water will stay out in the rain?

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri!

I posted this info in the comments on my blog, but then thought you might not have gone back to check there ... so ... here it is:

I get my eggs and whole chickens from Bellmeade, on Route 231 about 7 miles south of Sperryville. The owners, Susan and Mike, are really wonderful people and also run an Inn there, as well as a summer camp, weddings and other special events. Their phone number is 540-987-9748. They also sometimes have pork and beef, and they have AWESOME organic, free range turkeys at Thanksgiving (have to preorder these). They usually have eggs, but you should call first to make sure they have chickens, as sometimes they sell out (though the last time I was there, they had about 300 chickens that were a couple of weeks from being ready to slaughter. Their chicken is really, really good.

Also good for eggs, excellent grass fed beef, lamb and pork is Mount Vernon Farm, on Route 211 just east of Sperryville. Here's their link:

My CSA share is from Waterpenny Farm in Sperryville. They are booked for this year, but have a great market in their barn with veggies and sometimes eggs, and also sell at Takoma Park, MD, Charlottesville and Warrenton, VA. Here is their link:

Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farm, is very involved in the small farm, organic movement. He sells eggs and chickens, and I'm not sure what else, from his farm. Here is is his website link:
I think you need to contact him about availability and a time to visit. I've not been to his place yet, but this is one farm I plan to get to sometime very soon, if only to meet Mr. Salatin.

Good luck, and happy eating!

Sheepish Annie said...

BTW, how is the poor kitty? Hope he survived his unexpected (and probably unwanted)bath!