Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Longest Day

Well, not exactly the longest day; it's still 24 hours long, but at least it's lighter later. But alas, the days will start getting shorter tomorrow. And then in six months, they'll start getting longer. (I'm a master at stating the obvious.)

I've been teaching a couple of my co-workers to knit. One is having difficulty finding time to knit, while the other is doing quite well. She's almost finished her first scarf (in seed stitch, no less) and she's done a beautiful job with it. So this evening after work, we headed out to Capital Yarns to look for yarn for her next project, a hat for her niece. My goal was to get a couple of little somethings for my One Skein secret pal and look for yarn to make the Panel-Party Pullover in Sally Melville's
The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color
. The sweater is to be last year's Christmas gift for my sister-in-law (I gave her a gift certificate for a handknitted object). After determining that she liked the style of the sweater and that she likes anything in blue, I simply had to come up with two colors of blue. Since they are building a house in the Abacos, I thought that something that mirrored the colors in the Sea of Abaco would be nice, perhaps an aqua and a darker blue.

Well, it's proving to be difficult finding the yarn. I finally found colors that I think will work, but the yarn is Bamboo, not a wool or wool blend. I have a suspicion that Bamboo doesn't have enough sproing in it. So, it's back to the drawing board and I may have to buy yarn online. I really don't mind buying yarn online, but I'd much rather support the LYSs.

In actual knitting news, I am extremely hopeful that I'll finish knitting the baby blanket on Friday morning. I've got one, maybe two pattern repeats left, then an inch of seed stitch border. And we won't mention what comes next (shudder). The Jaywalker is progressing, too. The foot is a bit longer and the colors still amuse me. Each color progression evokes a memory or an association. Some of the colors are countries: Sweden, Germany. Some remind me of carnivals. Some are like the seasons. I suspect I'll continue to be amused each time I wear the socks.

Anyway, that's it for now. I wish everyone a happy Solstice and much luck, abundance, and prosperity!


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm with you on the bamboo...if it's anything like the other planty-type fibers I've spun it won't have the give you're looking for. Still, the hunt is half the fun...

msubulldog said...

Building a house in the Abacos? Wow!