Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wooly Wonka Goodness

Oh joy! The second installment from the Wooly Wonka Exotic Fibers Club arrived yesterday. The selected fiber is Cormo. It's very, very nice.

I'm once again afraid my spinning skills (or lack thereof) will not be able to do this wonderfully fluffy fiber justice. And I'm definitely afraid that they won't be able to justice to this:

Yes, it's another ball of white fluffy stuff. But it's a blend of 80% Cormo and 20% angora rabbit. Talk about lucsious! The Cormo is wonderful, but just a wee bit of angora takes it from wonderful to sublime. I nearly swooned when I touched it.

Thanks, Anne!

On the knitting front, very little. I knit a few rounds on the simple stockinette sock when I found myself waiting for the tool rental guy to get back from lunch. On the spinning front, none. The Rambouillet is exactly where I left it several weeks ago.

Tom is making wonderful progress on the back bedroom. He rented a flat sander (as opposed to a drum sander) from the aforementioned tool rental place and should finish sanding the floor in the back bedroom this afternoon. As usual, he is doing an excellent job. The floor is going to look almost like new when he's done. Then all that's left to do is prime, paint the walls, paint the trim, install crown molding, come up with some sort of closet system et voila, the room is finished! Three down, one to go. At least for the bedrooms. We still have the dining room plaster to restore and the library, although we aren't too sure what to do with that one. The walls are covered with dark paneling so we don't have a clue as to how sound the plaster underneath is. The room is long and narrow, with two windows on the outside wall and pocket doors leading to the front room. That makes it difficult to place the television. We might end up (in several years, mind you; prices have to come down first) getting a flat panel TV; they take up much less space than the traditional TV.

The dishwasher gave up the ghost again and this time turning the breaker off and on didn't fix it. That means doing dishes by hand so it's time to get creative with food that doesn't take a lot of utensils (I'm famous for using every pot, bowl, and spoon in the house when I cook). The stove is also on the fritz; its electronics didn't fare well with all the power flickering that happened earlier this week. Fortunately, the gas bit still works, but the clock, timer, and oven don't. Sigh...

Emma doesn't care; she just wants a comfy place to take a nap.


Sheepish Annie said...

I may not spin my Cormo. I may just snuggle with it for all eternity! It's just so pretty!

The renovations sound like they are progressing. I admire you guys. There is so much that needs doing around here, but I hate replacing and reparing. I live with many, many broken things...

PurlingPirate said...

My goodness, I go on vacation, come back and you have posted 4 times!!!
The house sounds like it's coming along great! Sorry about the dishwasher. Maybe Emma needs to learn to dry the dishes?