Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh Dear...

Bad news. Today's the day that Tom took the Westy to be inspected. It's not pretty, not pretty at all. First, the power windows don't work. Nor do the backup lights and a parking light or turn signal. The headlight harness is loose and the shop can't figure out why. A transmission bracket is rubbing on an axle. The shop isn't a VW speciality shop, so they can't find parts for an '87. It's going to be expensive. Well, I don't know that, but mostly when you take your car in to be fixed, it's easily $200 for one small thing. We have several small things and some large things. I don't have a job. I'm trying really, really hard to not participate in stash enhancement and not to buy knitting books.

It's not working well. When I found out that the Yarn Harlot was going to be at Stitches next week on exactly the same day I was going to be there...well, I just had to order her new bookbookbook. And since I only had to spend $15 more to get free supersaver shipping, I just had to get Sensational Knitted Socks. And while I think I can exercise extreme self-control and not buy anything at Stitches on Friday, I'm a little worried I might get caught up in the heat of the moment and come home with bags of cashmere yarn and silk boucle.

And speaking of socks, I really, really, really love working with Cascade Fixation. The knitting is easy and smooth and peaceful, just like knitting should be. The Toe-up sock pattern that I'm working from knits up relatively quickly and has a short row heel and toe. I'm working it in a solid color and the stitch pattern shows up better than with a multi-colored yarn. In short, I love these socks!

Extreme Knitting
I do have some Extreme Knitting entries waiting to be posted. I will try to post those tomorrow. Yes, I know. I'm a bad blogger. But right now, I need to go fix something to eat so I can get to the Red Cross Family Services training. The class runs from 6:00 to 10:00, which is a bit inconvenient, given that we normally eat around 7:00. However, it's for a good cause.

Shiver Me Timbers!
It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! Arrr, I hope ye've been astonishin' ye're mates and striking fear in the hearts of ye're enemies by talkin' like a pirate. Arrr...


Mia said...

There is a VW speciality place up here in the Frederick area call Mark I. You can email me if you want their phone number. They are right up the road from me.

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Well shiver me timbers!

I missed "Talk Like A Pirate Day". :-(

Check out my blog. I'll be at Stitches on Friday and posted the picture of the pin I'll be wearing.

PLEASE, if you see me, stop me and say HI!!!

I'm sorry about your VW.

We (my parents, I was too young to drive) had one (VW bus) some time in the late 60's or 70's. Again, I was young and can't remember exactly.

My Dad rolled it on someone's lawn. Funny thing, it's the same thing he did with our VW bug! LOL!

Miriam said...

I just posted something for extreme knitting, I would have just e-mailed you, but I couldn't find your e-mail. sorry! :)