Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Extreme Knitting--and Lots of It!

Well, after a relatively dry spell, the Extreme Knitting entries are beginning to roll in again. Two of the entries (from Folkcat and Celia) are aging like fine wine. Jenna's is brand new. And I have it on good authority that another will be winging its way to me soon. What fun!

Folkcat has taken the Extreme Knitting Challenge to an entirely different level. She writes:

Since I wrote to you with the "11 Bridges in 140 Minutes", I have changed a lot about my blogs. Five of them, including Folkcat's Fiber Crafts where the "Bridges" photos were published, have officially been retired and folded into a single new blog. You might want to check it out - the theme is all your fault, really! I've taken to calling what I'm doing with the Extreme Knitting "Knitting Around", and so the title of the new blog is I Knit Around. ... [Y]our Extreme Knitting challenge is at least having an influence on my life! I want to thank you for having issued that challenge, and for getting me to see my knitting - and its place in my life - in a whole different way.

Here is one photo from the "11 Bridges in 140 Minutes" adventure. This is the Old Intervale Bridge, built in about 1916:

Here are the links for the entire adventure. Give them read; I found them to be quite interesting. And it's wonderful to see all the different types of bridges.

Bridges Part I
Bridges Part II
Bridges Part III
Bridges Part IV

The next entry is from Celia. She participated in the San Francisco Fringe Festival in a movement theater show called Shiftings. Here she is, knitting on stage:

You can read more about her experience here.

And for our final Extreme Knitting entry today, I present Jenna:

She's knitting in the Shenadoah Mountains in the George Washington National Forest on the Buzzards Rock Trail. On the way back, they snapped this photo:

Motorcycle knitting! That's a first for the Extreme Knitting Challenge. Jenna did say that the motorcycle knitting shots were a bit treacherous to take. I can only imagine. I feel like I'm in a very precarious position whenever I'm sitting on a moving motorcyle, which (thankfully) isn't very often.

Thanks to everyone for all the good Extreme Knitting entries! I'm sorry it took me so long to get them posted.

Parting Shot

I couldn't resist. This is Kim's new puppy, as of yet unnamed. Isn't she sweet?

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Valerie said...

Don't forget, when it comes to knitting on motorcycles Elizabeth Zimmerman did it first!