Friday, February 25, 2005

Spinning Along

In more ways than one. Work this week was a bit of bear and at times pretty discouraging. Next week promises more of the same. However, the weekend is upon us and I'm going to try desperately to unwind. People at work were beginning to remark on how stressed I was looking.

Tomorrow...ah, tomorrow! I predict it will be rather luxurious. Yoga class in the morning to make up the one I missed on Monday, followed by knitting and spinning. And maybe a nice long soak in the tub. The only chores I have tomorrow are vacuuming and setting the table.

I've been told rather adamantly by my dear husband that I'm not allowed in his kitchen while he cooks up a gourmet dinner for me and our dear friend, Leigh. He's been stealth cooking all week and has not revealed the menu. A fruitless search for enoki mushrooms and fresh figs has led to an adjustment in his plans, but that's all I know. I suspect a tomato-based something--either soup or a tomato sauce. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

This is the teal Corriedale, unspun, and spun, two-ply. It's a bit bulky. But I love the color.

This is my first attempt at spinning after (gulp) twenty years of a perfectly good spinning wheel sitting unused. It was good to spin again, but clearly I need practice. I'm not getting an even yarn, and it's a bit over-twisted, although plying helped relax it a little bit. I think I remember someone once telling me that Ashford wheels are known (well, were known) for their overtwisting potential. I've got some green, gold, and red roving that I'll practice on, since the colors don't quite thrill me. If it turns out nice and I still don't like the colors, it will probably be a gift to someone.

The blocking board arrived today, so I'll block out the cardigan-in-process to make sure that the front that I'm knitting matches the back before I start shaping the armhole.

What's that? Am I going to run this weekend? Probably not. :-/

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