Monday, February 21, 2005

Good Eats

I got a little knitting done this weekend. The nephew's scarf is almost finished--about 6 inches or so to go. I need to decide if I really want to put the VT logo on in duplicate stitch. I've never done duplicate stitch before, but why should that stop me. If it looks goofy, I can alway rip it out.

I spent a considerable amount of time cooking this weekend. Check out the latest Gourmet magazine. It profiles London and the changing food scene there. Saturday night I made this very yummy shrimp curry. The best thing about it is that it was pretty fast and could be made faster still by using frozen, pre-peeled shrimp instead of shrimps-in-the-shell. On Sunday, I made shortribs braised in stout and served it with buttered egg noodles and smashed peas with mint. I don't cook or eat beef often, but this was a recipe that my husband seemed particularly interested in, so I made it for him. It was pretty good.

My goal for today is to finish the scarf and block it. We'll see...

Goal met!

I just finished blocking the scarf. It took a solid day of knitting before I got to that point. I do wish I could knit faster. As I laid it out, I was a bit taken aback by how inconsistent the tension seemed to be. Maybe it will block out and look okay; maybe it won't. Probably no one will notice (but I will). Tomorrow, assuming I leave work at a decent hour (highly unlikely), I might start working on the VT logo. If I wanted to do things right, I would chart it out first, so I have some idea of scale, etc. I hate doing things right because I want to start doing it now!

I'm playing hooky from yoga class tonight. Tom had said that he wanted to have dinner at Banjara, a very good Indian restaurant in Sterling. But after he refinished two of the windows from one of the bedrooms and went for a run, he was too tired. He informed me of that just as I started to enjoy a Guinness. Drat. Leftovers for dinner tonight.

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