Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I lack it. Short and simple. For what, you may ask? Oh, training for the Charlottesville Half Marathon which is on April 16th. I've run exactly one time for 4 miles since completing the Marine Corps Marathon on Halloween. Which was quite appropriate, given that it was ghoulishly hot (it was the 3rd slowest MCM on record). It was by far the worst and most painful marathon I've ever run. I was ready to quit at mile 15. My knee hurt, my hip hurt...I've never experienced such a painful run. So that put me off running. And my training window for Charlottesville is quickly getting smaller. And Charlottesville is seriously hilly. Ack!

The nephew's scarf blocked out rather well. And I decided to chart the VT logo. Good thing, because I can't get the proportions to work. So off the to the nephew the scarf will go and I'll repossess it over the summer to do the logo, if I can figure out how to make it look good.

Yesterday I received extra bobbins for my Ashford wheel, more of the teal roving and an absolutely luscious mohair/silk roving.

This is the nephew's scarf. The tension is a little loose on some rows (you can see the white chair back), but it won't be noticeable when the scarf is worn.

I'll have more pictures tomorrow, as soon as I figure out how to load more than photo per post.

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