Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Inaugural Post

Well, welcome to my blog. After getting caught up in other knitters' blogs, I decided it was time for my own blog. What will you find here? Most likely a journal of my knitting and spinning projects, cooking goodies, and commentary on the state of affairs in the world today when I can't refrain. Will you be entertained? I can't guarantee it. I hope that I can provide inspiration to new knitters and spinners like other knit bloggers have given to me.

What are my current works-in-progress? Let's see...
  • a sock (well, eventually a pair of socks), using the Toe Up sock pattern from Y2Knit, a lovely shop in Funkstown, MD, and Fixation which is a beautiful, stretchy cotton/spandex blend
  • a cable sweater using New Tweed (merino/silk/cotton blend) from Tahki; this is a looong term project because of the complicated cable pattern and my propensity for making mistakes (which means lots of ripping out). The back and a sleeve is completed and I'm just about ready to start the armhole shaping on the front
  • the Kitty Pi bed, for our dear little cat, Jezebel
  • a scarf for my nephew, worked in Sierra cotton/wool, in Virginia Tech's colors; it was supposed to be a Christmas gift (did I mention that I'm a very slow knitter?)
  • yarn, spun from a gorgeous turquoise Corriedale roving from The Woolery.

I'll post pictures of the various projects as soon as I figure out how.

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