Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Flies, Whether You Like It or Not

I'm still alive and kicking, although sometimes I'm definitely not kicking. Work is...challenging...shall we say and there are days when it makes my brain hurt. And the weekends are far too short. I'm behind in everything: housework (the herd of dust buffalo is in need of some serious culling), cooking (thank goodness Tom can cook, otherwise we'd be living off of beanie weenies), blogging, and other things that I'm supposed to be responsible for. My memory is like a sieve and I remember things just-in-time, which isn't a good way to make one's way through life. I get organized and make a to-do list, but then it all falls apart and disorganization reigns supreme. It's all very tiring.

And once again, about all I can muster for a blog post is random bullet points.
  • I'm annoyed with our ancient crockpot. It's been cooking for nigh onto 12 hours and the carrots and onions still aren't tender
  • We're going to eat it anyway. At least it smells good.
  • See what I mean? I wrote those first two bullet point last week!
  • There's been knitting in the odd moments chez Knitting Libran.
  • And as a result, the Monkey socks are a pair!
  • I'm swatching for a sweater thing that might have sleeves and buttons and a collar
  • I'm not getting gauge
  • I'm so not getting gauge
  • I went up a needle size and I got 1/2 a stitch more than with the smaller needles
  • And yes, I checked the needle size and counted the stitches many, many times
  • Stupid gauge
  • And I'm not happy with the colors
  • Tom thinks they're fine
  • I started knitting the Spiral Scarf again
  • Apparently, I can't read knitting instructions, even after they're explained to me
  • I cannot seem to remember the "k to end, turn" instruction when working the short rows
  • The scarf doesn't spiral if you work short rows on each side
  • It just gets wonky
  • I'm on a roll now, though
  • I just can't stop knitting until the scarf is complete
  • That won't make my employer happy
  • Knitting is not part of my job description
  • Tom cooked an awesome dinner last night for me and four of our friends
  • It was another of his "restaurant openings"
  • Sesame crusted salmon, butternut squash soup, adobo roast turkey with red chili gravy, green beans with crispy prosciutto, sweet cornbread pudding, gingerbread with spiced creme anglaise
  • YUM!
  • Tom is phenomenal
That about sums up the last month or so. Hopefully I'll remember to post sooner than a month. I'm not optimistic.

Happy knitting!

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Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, I know about the work/life stuff getting in the way, that's for sure. But maybe someday we can all find that special employer who will put knitting in our job descriptions. Then things will be better...