Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Not in Virginia Anymore, Toto we got about 34.5 inches of snow this past weekend.  This area isn't used to that much snow and they don't clear the roads well with less snow, so I opted to work from home on Monday.  I also worked from home on Tuesday, partially because I had a migraine, partially because I didn't feel like dealing with the roads, and (here's the kicker), they were calling for more snow to start Tuesday.  Foot's Forecast mentioned something about Kahunageddon.  But the National Weather Service wasn't calling for that much snow, at least not initially. 

By the end of the day yesterday, the estimate was for another 10 to 20 inches.

It didn't start snowing yesterday until late in the afternoon, and it was very light. And then it stopped.  I was positive this storm was going to be a bust.  When I got up this morning to feed the cats, it was snowing hard.  Not only that, it was very windy.  A girl could only do one thing:  go back to bed.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, it was clear I was going to work from home again today.  Yesterday we had a winter storm warning.  Today it was a blizzard warning.  What?!  We don't have blizzards in Virginia. It snowed and blew (why isn't it snowed and blowed or snew and blew?) all day, with the snow finally tailing off late afternoon.  The unofficial tally is nine inches for my little town, far less than the original estimate (somehow, and in a sick way, I feel cheated).  The winds have picked up again this evening and even though no snow is predicted, they are still predicting blizzard-like conditions.

We're not in Virginia anymore, Toto.

So how much snow have we gotten in the 2009/2010 season?  The December 19 storm dropped about 22 inches, then we had two storms that dropped about six inches each, the weekend storm that produced 34.5 inches, and today's storm with about nine.  That's over 77 inches of snow!!!  And I think there might of been one or two insignificant snowfalls.  So let's say 80 inches of snow.  Virginia just doesn't get that amount of snow.

And looking at the long range forecast, there's a chance of snow Sunday and Monday.  The thought of more snow leaves me speechless.

I'll try to get some post blizzard pictures tomorrow, after the blizzard-force winds die down.  In the meantime, here's hoping that our porch roofs don't collapse!

Stay warm!


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Unknown said...

Be safe! That's a lot of snow for ANYWHERE. Although my great-aunt in Duluth apparently has been calling to snigger at my mum, who lives in Richmond.