Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been feeling distinctly bleh and blah these past few days. I lack energy (although I can manage to knock off a couple of rows on the Clapotis each day), motivation, and a general joie de vivre. As a result, I want to hibernate and I'm particularly good at crawling inside my head and contemplating Very Important Issues. The conversation in my head goes something like this.

Me: Look at the mountains and how the mist is wafting down them. It's so pretty and peaceful.

Me: Uh oh...are those survey stakes in that field over there?

Me: Yes, those are definitely survey stakes. They're probably going to putting in a housing development where ordinary people can't afford to buy the houses.

Me: And you know what that means. After the houses come, they're going to be putting in strips malls and town centers and totally destroying the habitat. Where will all the animals and birds go? They'll lose their homes and feeding grounds.

Me: You know they'll put in a golf course, too. All those pesticides and such to keep the greens green are going to leach into the ground water and contaminate the wells. We'll see a rise in cancer and birth defects...

And so it continues. I can really work myself into a state thinking about Very Important Issues. However, I think that we live pretty lightly. We compost, buy local when we can, recycle religiously, and don't go shopping for the sake of going shopping. So imagine my surprise when I took this quiz to calculate my ecological footprint and discovered that my ecological footprint is larger than the average in the U.S.

Take the quiz; you'll be surprised at the results.

On the bright side, my favorite NSLYS (not so local yarn shop) started the ECOnnection, designed to introduce people to eco-friendly and sustainable products in the yarn industry. The first package came today and it contained a small ball of O-Wool Balance, a blend of 50% organic wool and 50% organic cotton. It feels very nice--soft but with body. It will be interesting to see how it knits up.

All for now...it's bedtime!


Jen Da Purse Ho said...

I hope you feel better soon! I know how you feel...i've been in a kind of funk lately too. :(

that O-wool is PRETTY stuff! i can't wait to see it knit up!

Sheepish Annie said...

Awww...too bad about the neighborhood. I'm wondering if maybe this is related to that move you were pondering on a while back.

I've never seen O-Wool. I'll have to see what I can learn about that!

PurlingPirate said...

I gave my husband an insight into the way I think. He doesn't ask me anymore "what are you thinking about?"

Alison said...

Thanks for educating us while blogging. I appreciate your thoughts on Very Important things, similar things happen here, as they probably do all over. Anyway, I end up in a funk about it too.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow... I stink! My footprint is HUGE! UGH! I can talk myself into a frenzy sometimes, glad to hear it isn't just me! HA! I gotta go do something about that footprint!