Saturday, June 09, 2007

Where Did the Day Go?

Good grief! It's already 6:30. This day has literally flown by!

But first things first. A big thank you to my Secret Pal for sending me these lovely goodies:

A skein of Lana Grossa Meilenweit sock yarn, a hank of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton (organic, of course), and a lovely book by Deborah Krasner called Heirloom Skills and Country Pastimes (the illustrations are gorgeous). My pal also included a beautiful card with a photograph by Francis Twomey, as well as a mystery gift. When I first opened the package, I thought it included some knitting needles. Indeed, they do look like miniature needles but there are 10 of them and they are bit short to be knitting with. I'm thinking they are some sort of closure. Secret Pal, can you help me out here? How are the little bamboo needles supposed to be used?

The gift arrived on Wednesday. Please accept my apologies for not posting sooner. And thank you so much; you've been a great pal!

So where did the day go? I have no idea. Emma wanted to be fed about 4:45, so I got up before 6:00 this morning, fed her, and made Tom his pre-run coffee. I did some yogurt yoga this morning, then checked email. I was thrilled to see an invitation from frecklegirl to join Ravelry. Then it was off to the local coffeeshop to meet the running club (they ran, I didn't). That was followed by a quick trip to the farmers market. Tom decided to rid the refrigerator of some science projects and I decided it needed a thorough scrubbing. The next time I looked, it was 2:30. Sheesh! I don't feel like I accomplished anything that I had planned to do.

I did, however, finish the first Sockotta sock last night:

It fits rather well, although the heel is a bit long. I used Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock pattern, which uses both a short-row toe and heel. The toe fits fine, but I think I don't need to keep as many stitches "live" on the heel. Nonetheless, it's going to be a comfortable sock. Maybe I'll cast on the second sock tonight. Or maybe I'll start the second of the Blue Danube socks. I'm beginning to find that I've got a lot of single socks laying around.

Sweaters? What sweaters? There are no sweaters here. Move along now...

Emma is trying to figure out an escape route.

We're becoming more confident that she won't escape. If she ran away, she wouldn't get vanilla ice cream every night.

And yes, she is a spoiled little kitty.

Now excuse me, please. It's cocktail hour and I hear a fine Negroni calling my name.


Sheepish Annie said...

Ice cream...that's how Mommy and Daddy Sheep kept me safe at home! ;)

What a lovely package although I am rather stumped by the needles. Are they cabling needles, perhaps? They look to be the right size. I'll be curious to see what the answer is to this mystery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Secret Pal!
I'm glad that you like your package! To solve the riddle....
they are bamboo seaming pins instead of using plastic ones or not using any at all! The Asian language is absolutely no help at all in figuring out what they are! They just recently became available at my LYS and I've been using them and they are great (who doesn't love bamboo?). Your sockotta sock looks fantastic, go second sock!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

PurlingPirate said...

Ummm...if I come to your house will I get vanilla ice cream every night????