Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Before I move into my usual bloggy ramblings, I'd like to wish my father a most wonderful Father's Day (don't worry, I've already called and told him that in person). My father is a pretty wonderful man. He managed to raise four kids (me and my three brothers) without injuring or killing us, no matter how tempting that thought might have been (we were very challenging). He taught us to love the outdoors on our annual camping vacations. He coached my brothers in baseball (Dad had a shot at the major leagues himself). He played basketball and softball and was always busy. As kids, I don't think we appreciated everything he did for us. "Not another camping vacation!" (All of our friends would stay at hotels with swimming pools and eat in restaurants.) "Do I have to mow the lawn?" (I was permanently put off lawnmowing when the lawnmower exploded.) "What do you mean, clean my room? No one's going to see it!" And probably my parents' favorite: "He's looking me! Make him stop!"

Dad also has a wonderfully dry sense of humor. When I was in elementary school (or maybe it was junior high school), our dog had a litter of puppies. They were part wire-hair terrier; it's common to dock a terrier's tail. Dad kept saying how we were going to dock the tail of my favorite puppy. I'd get all upset and argue against it. One day, Dad took puppy and hatchet in hand and said he was finally going to dock its tail. I was horrified. As I ran from the garage in tears, I heard a "thunk!" and then "yi yi yi yi yi!" No, my father didn't chop the poor thing's tail off; he was trying to see what kind of reaction he could get out of me. He thought it was pretty funny; I was less amused.

So, Dad...thanks for everything you've done in your job as our father. I think we finally get it. It took us long enough, didn't it?

I love you and wouldn't trade you for all the fathers in the world.

Knitting and Spinning and Ravelry! Oh My!
I started the second of the stockinette socks and have almost completed the toe. Don't be impressed; it's a toe-up pattern.

I also spent some time spinning yesterday while Emma was enjoying the deck and Tom was making dinner. I've spun almost half of the Rambouillet and I might, just might end up with a nice fluffy yarn. That would definitely be a first for me. Of course, the size of the yarn is somewhat all over the place, but overall I think it will be close to the 13 WPI Anne specified.

And I continue to work with Ravelry. I entered my needle inventory and have started to enter my stash. I don't have a large stash by any stretch of the imagination. I'm daunted by the work. Take a picture, upload it to the computer, upload it to Flikr, link it to Ravelry...I need a nap just thinking about it! Jess and her husband Casey have done an amazing job. It is an awesome site.

Excuse me now; I need to continue documenting my stash.

Have a great weekend!


Sheepish Annie said...

Dads are pretty important! Glad that you had a chance to give yours his due on his special day!

I'm afraid that I will have to be impressed that you are finished with the toe of your sock. I've yet to master the whole "toe-up" thing. This means that I am all agog whenever anyone does it!

Mia said...

Wow!!! All of your needles in already!! I am kind of afraid to enter my needles. I really have no clue as to how many I have. I have quite a few needles. And I like some of the yarn in your stash. I need to work some more on mine.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you are tackling the rambouillet so well - and "close" will be close enough. :)

Send me your Ravelry user ID so I can add you as a friend? Please?