Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today's the Day

Or maybe it's more accurate to say tonight's the night. Tom and about six other crazy runners will take off from Harper's Ferry at 7:00 this evening and run to Georgetown in DC. The crew (which outnumbers the runners) will be waiting for them at various aid stations throughout the night. After my yoga class this morning, I need to make chicken soup (about the only thing runners can stomach after running a very long distance), boiled salty potatoes, and oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. At some time, I'll need to work in a nap. We stayed up way too late last night (and most nights this week, to be honest) to watch...

You absolutely must go see this movie! It's excellent. The animation is beautiful, the story is cute, and...well, it's just a good movie. I left the theatre feeling delighted. I'd see it again in a heartbeat, which is high praise coming from me, given that I'm not a movie fan.

Knitting News
I managed to squeeze in a couple of rounds on the simple stockinette sock while waiting participate in the annual event that most of us have grown to know and love hate: The Annual Squishing of the Boobs. For the last several years, I've gone to a breast imaging center, which was tastefully decorated and very comfortable. Plus there were no men in sight. This year, in the interest of not taking more time away from work than necessary, I went to the imaging center near work. The reception desk was a teeny office down a narrow hallway. The waiting room was poorly lighted and was shared by a number of different doctors, which meant I was probably sitting with a bunch of sick people. And there were men going through the same door to get to the same reception office. When they were finally ready for me, not only did they instruct me to bring my valuables, but also my clothes. If I had known that I'd be hauling my bra around for everyone (including men) to see, I would have brought a bag to stash it in. The woman who was doing the boob squishing was very nice but even so, next year I'll go back to the breast imaging center.

Yarn Shop News
Due to a number of circumstances that I cannot control (ridiculously high rents and my husband's business unit being put up for sale), the bricks-and-mortar yarn shop is on indefinite hold. I'm contemplating an online shop and selling some of the hard-to-find yarns (like Sea Silk) as well as yarn that is produced (or at least dyed) locally. So, to my small base of loyal readers, I ask:
  • What yarns do you have a hard time finding?

  • What other things do you buy from an online yarn shop?

  • What things do you wish online shops would carry?

That's it for now. If I'm coherent tomorrow, I'll report on the Mule Run. There's going to be a lot of waiting and I'll be either knitting or napping. Maybe I'll finish the second sock. Or at least the foot.

Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Okay... very newsy post, lots of good info but all I can think about is oatmeal... peanut butter... chocolate chip... COOKIES! I love all three and have had various combinations of those lovely ingredients, but all three together? I think I might just go into overload. Is it your own recipe or did you get it somewhere. I must try those! :)
Oh, and sorry 'bout the boob squishing. Hope everything is super with them!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Petra, the oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies sound DIVINE! We need a recipe!!

As for yarns I have a hard time finding . . . Sea Silk and Koigu come to mind first!

PurlingPirate said...

Yep, cookies sound great! I have the movie on my list to go see next week!

Things I buy from a yarn shop are usually needles. The LYS closest to me has a terrible selection.

Yarn I buy from on-line shop are indi dyers, sea silk, koigu, sea wool. Pretty much all sock yarn because I horde sock yarn. :)

I'll continue to think about it and if anything comes to mind, I'll let you know!

Thanks for asking!

Sheepish Annie said...

The place where I go for my squooshing is also a multi-purpose facility, but they are incredibly sensitive to the needs of the clients. Despite being rather small, I never run into other patients. It's like a time warp or something...

I do almost all of my "good" yarn shopping on-line since I don't have a convenient lys. I love the idea of ordering Sea Silk, Koigu, Noro or any of the yarns that all the cool knitters get to use. I also have to order circular needles and dpns in the smaller sizes since the wooden variety aren't generally carried in the craft stores. And things like swifts, niddly noddies and skein winders are pretty much impossible to find without a forty minute trip north. Since I am an on-line shopping addict, I will pretty much purchase anything that I can't get locally or is shiny.