Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ruh Roh II

It's been a bad week for knitting. First, I made the terrible discovery that the Too-Many-Choices Top was turning into the Too-Big-Armholes Top. So I threw it into a corner gently set it aside to focus on the Leaves of Grass sock. I pulled out the sock for a little lunchtime knitting yesterday, knit two needles worth, and then this happened during a k2tog:

I guess my knitting was a bit too tight. Fortunately, Brittany has a 5-year replacement guarantee, so I promptly sent them an email and with any luck, I'll get a new needle in two weeks.

So, what to knit next? I received both books that I ordered and am dying to dye and knit lace. Given that I still don't have a clue about dyeing, starting a lace project seems like a fine idea. But so does picking up the Jenna sweater, although the thought of knitting complex cables isn't very appealing right now (and following a complex lace pattern is?). I could start the Christine sweater (also from Debbie Bliss), which is a Fair Isle pattern. Both sweaters need to be finished by Christmas. I also have that wonderful handspun sock yarn that Heather sent me. I might could do something with that. Or I could pull out the Mountain Colors yarn I bought a while back. Wait! What about the Spirit Trail sock yarn I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool?

I think I'll satisfy my urge to knit something new by casting on for the Christine sweater.

This week has also been the week of the Jezebel dreams, which has made me feel sad for a good part of the week. In the first dream, she walked into the room and when I called to her and went towards her, she turned around and walked out. In the second dream, she came into a room and this time I was able to hold and pet her (this is the dream that made me very sad). The third dream was rather odd. Jez came in through a window and was looking a bit worse for wear. She couldn't stand up straight and was panting. She jumped up on the table and curled up next to the computer monitor. Another cat came in and curled up next to her. Ordinarily, Jez would not have tolerated another cat in her house, but she let this one stay.

I'm not sure what, if anything, to make of these dreams. Clearly,I'm still working through the grief. I'm tired of being sad.

We have quite a few squirrels living in our yard and at this time of year, they are busy squirreling away nuts for the winter. I came down Tuesday morning to find a chestnut hull balanced on the deck rail. It intrigued me.


Jen said...

I think your darling Jezebel may be saying good-bye and passing the torch. When you're ready for that next kitty, keep your eyes open for one that looks like the one Jez introduced you to in the dream!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm thinking that your mind is using the dreams to walk you through the process of saying, "good-bye" to Jez and getting ready to accept the new member of the family. Jez will always be there for you.

Holiday knitting always cheers me up! I feel so darned productive when I'm doing it. Hang in there! The knitting will turn itself around and you'll have a stunning FO before you know it!