Saturday, September 16, 2006


So, I was knitting along on my sock at lunch yesterday and hating it. Until the heel flap gets some length on it, the instep needles poke into my hands, usually right in the spot where I ran a knife through my palm while pitting an avocado (but that's a story for another day). Even after three or so years, it's still sensitive. Anyway, I'm knitting along, allowing my mind to wander and then I look down. Drat it all! I forgot to keep using the fifth needle and now need to split up the heel stitches. But wait! I'm not getting poked any more! And knitting the heel flap on one needle is so much easier than knitting it on two needles. Woo hoo! I've invented a new knitting technique!

Actually, the Leaves of Grass pattern has you put the instep stitches on one needle. I thought that was rather odd, so didn't. Could it be that technique was to prevent the poking of the palms?

msubulldog posted a link to Socktoberfest. I signed up. If she can be an enabler, so can I. Just do it!

Of Cats and Sailing
I thought that life was getting easier without our little kitty. But when I came home from work yesterday, we had received two more sympathy cards. One was from the vet who cared for Jez during her final weekend and included Jez's paw prints and a clipping of her hair. Of course, that made me cry. Another was from Keith and Barbara who made a donation to Alley Cat Allies in Jez's memory. This organization is devoted to controlling and caring for the feral cat population, which is sorely needed. I continue to be humbled by the sympathy and support that everyone has shown. Words cannot express my gratitude.

So what about cats and sailing? I think we had both come to the decision to get another cat soon after the holidays. But a couple of days ago we got an invitation to join some friends on a 10-day sailing trip in Belize in March or April. We've done three trips with them so far, the last being a trip from St. Martin to Guadeloupe. If you are so inclined, you can read about it here (ignore the typos). If we go on this trip (and we're strongly leaning in that direction), we'll postpone the cat acquisition until after the trip. I don't want to be without a cat for that long, but it wouldn't be fair to the cat (or kitten).

Oh my! Look at the time...I need to get ready to make the weekly farmer's market run.

Have a beautiful Saturday!


Sheepish Annie said...

Wait...I'm supposed to knit the heel flap on TWO needles??????? How is it I didn't know that? I always find those first couple of rows so tight that I lose stitches. Maybe if I start on two needles then go back to one... Either way, it's all about comfort, isn't it?

It is a good pet owner who thinks of the animal's comfort before their own needs. It may be hard to wait, but having a kitty that trusts you will be worth it. What an incredibley sweet gesture from your vet!

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN! What a trip! Can't wait to hear about this one. My husband sails, we had a Hobbie Cat a few years ago but gave it up for a boat that was more social and haven't regretted it. But we do miss sailing. What kind of boat is it? I couldn't find a picture on your site!

msubulldog said...

What a sweet, thoughtful thing for your vet to send you. He/she must be very special.

That sailing trip sounds incredible! I hope you get to go--even if it means postponing the new kitty.