Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just a Quickie

I probably won't post photos of the stash enhancement until this weekend. It seems like there isn't all that much time in the evenings after I get home from work. Plus, if I don't take the photos until the weekend, I'll be much less tempted to start working on a new project...say a new pair of socks or Clapotis?

Sigh...so much yarn, so little time.

All work on the current socks and the Jenna sweater has ceased. My focus is on the baby blanket, which is coming along oh so slowly. I've knit 75 rows so far and am on the third ball of yarn and the blanket barely measures 9-1/4 inches. The baby for which it is destined isn't due to make his grand entrance until the end of May, so I have a little time. What is beginning to worry me, though, is the fact that I have to embroider French knots in the center of each cable. There are 16 columns of cables and each cable is about an inch long. There are about 36 inches of blanket length which means that I need to make approximately 576 French knots (someone please tell me I did the math wrong!).

I think the baby is going to get the blanket late.


Sheepish Annie said...

The good thing about babies is that they lack a sense of time and stuff. He/she will have no idea that it is late! And it's been my experience that most new moms are sorta tired and
distracted ...apparently that whole labor thing is kinda painful (or so I've heard) It'll all work out :)

~Jody said...

I found you!! Hi - we met on Sat. but for some reason I wrote your blog down as the knit librarian and couldn't find it :( (hmm...wonder why) but now I did :) It was lovely to meet you.

Do you really NEED the french knots?? I mean it's a beautiful blanket with cables - whose gonna notice that is was suppose to have french knots all over it?!

I also agree with Annie - the baby will not know it's late. Beside baby won't probably start using it until the fall anyway right?