Sunday, May 01, 2005


And that's why Buddha is smiling. I finished Sock 1 of Pair 2 this morning.

I'm rather pleased with it, although it might be a bit short in the toe. It certainly feels good on my foot.

Now the dilemma is should I start and finish my sock's mate or should I start on a pair of socks for my husband? Given that I can squeeze in about 2 hours of knitting per week, I'm torn. If I make something for Tom (or as gifts for other people), my knitting is justified. If I am making something for me, then I feel as if I'm having too much fun or being too self-centerd. Hmmm...there's some odd Puritan work ethic stuff going on here.

Perhaps I should follow the Buddha's example and accept what I do (and what I feel) without judgment, from me or others.

On the home renovation front, Tom finished sanding the floors in the little front bedroom, primed and painted the walls, and has started to prime the windows and baseboards. The yellow that we chose for the room (it faces northwest) is not quite what I envisioned but it will do. It will be nice to have one more room done. I'll post before and after pictures after the painting is complete.


Claire said...

finish your pair :-) Then you can move on with a fresh feeling and anticipation of the wonderful socks for your fella.

Dudleyspinner said...

I agree with claire, finish your pair!
If you start another pair, you may forget how you made the first one. That has been my experience. I have two pair started, with one sock each. They don't match!