Tuesday, May 10, 2005

On My Way

The weekend has started! Yes, I know. It's Tuesday. But tomorrow I pack up the car and head up to Bangor, PA for the Y2Knit Knitting Experience. We'll knit, eat, knit, eat, knit, do some yoga, knit some more, go for a hike or two, knit. Did I mention that we'd be knitting?

Lots of new techniques for me to learn this weekend. Intarsia, entrelac, domino and modular knitting, and backwards knitting. That last one has me worried. It sounds like it requires a major mind shift. The last time I tried that was when I was trying to get my head around short rows. The result? Extreme frustration (I'm a knitting failure) and a major, major headache.

I should lighten up. I hadn't knitted in years. What was I expecting? Perfection? Of course!

Anyway, my knitting skills, particularly my ability to read my knitting, have improved over the last two or three years. Other than being the world's slowest knitter, I should be fine. Tune in next week to see if the Knitting Libran survived the Knitting Experience.

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