Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Big Weekend

Well, it seems like the whole world is going to be going to Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend. I was planning to go. But then I started thinking (always a dangerous thing for me to do). It's been nine years since I visited with my mother on Mother's Day (which corresponds to how many years I've been married). And I haven't visited since Christmas. And the weekends are filling up fast. So fast, in fact, that this is the only free weekend before we head out on our Caribbean sailing adventure. And I wanted to visit the family before we leave.

So, Mom (and the rest of the family) trumps MDS&W.

The good news is that I'll get some knitting done while I'm there. The bad news is that my husband is going to stay behind to do more house renovation and I'll have to drive, which means I won't have hours of enforced knitting time.

The knitting life is actually going to get way better for me next week. On Wednesday morning, I head up to Pennsylvania for Y2Knit's Knitting Experience. This spring's retreat is going to be Color Work. Two color knitting, backward knitting, entrelac, intarsia, etc. You can see the schedule here. Susan and Jill run great workshops...very low key, lots of individual attention, great food, yoga, massage...chocolate. What more can one ask? They even set up a yarn shop so there's always an opportunity for stash enhancements.

I need this time away from work. I've been working in the software industry, and primarily start-ups, for almost 20 years and I'm getting tired. The last five years have been particularly frenetic. One software company imploded, which was very sad. I joined the current company before they even had a product. While I've learned a lot, I'm beginning to run out of gas. So getting away and immersing myself in knitting will be a wonderful break. I'm hoping that I'll get the courage to try a little bit of design work (I've got three sweater ideas rolling around in my head) and sort of come up with a plan for increasing the amount of knitting in my life (read fewer blogs, perhaps?)

So, for all of you who are going to MDS&W this weekend, have a great time! I'll see you there next year!

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