Tuesday, April 12, 2005


That's what the repaired plaster walls look and feel like in the little front bedroom. I'll post before and after pictures after the work is complete, which will be tomorrow. It will be nice to have yet another bedroom completed. And another good thing...there isn't a lot of plaster dust floating around the house. The last time we had plaster work done, I remember that there was dust everywhere!

I worked from home today so there'd be someone here while the plasterer was working. That was kind of nice. And even though my sock was sitting on the kitchen counter taunting me and daring me to knit, I resisted. I finished making one set of revisions to a certification document and started working through another set. If all goes well, the document might be complete enough by the end of the week for final evaluation. But then I have to start writing up the "evidence" documentation. And that's assuming that we have no testing, customer service, or "manufacturing" crises.

So, it's 8:00pm, I've finished eating dinner, and I'm going to work on my sock. Woo hoo! Week night knitting!

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