Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bridging the Chasm

One of the rules of the Extreme Knitting Challenge is to be safe. Does this look like the knitter in question is concerned about the safety of her sock?

Can we say "reckless endangerment?" Fortunately, the knitting and all the needles were hauled up recovered unharmed. The picture of the sock dangling in mid-air, hundreds of feet above the rocks, struck fear in my heart. If it fell, it would mean certain death for the sock the sock (and its needles) would never be recovered.

Not long after, the slightly deranged fearless, globe trotting Yarn Harlot bravely stood smack dab in the center of a swaying suspension bridge (230 feet above the deck), in a high wind, cheerfully knitting a round or two on the sock she had just so carelessly dangled above the rocks.

To read more about the sock's adventures that day, go here.

Thanks for your entry, Stephanie, and for sharing your adventures with us!

Non-knitting news

The job search continues. I had another opportunity drop into my lap last Friday. This position would be very challenging technically. It would also be much closer to home. I don't think there's as much opportunity for advancement, however. I have a second round of interviews tomorrow with the first place. Hopefully, I'll get additional information that will help me make a relatively informed decision.

And then there's a receptionist position at an engineering consulting firm in town, about a 3-minute walk from my house. That is very tempting, although I have a suspicion that I would become bored in a month or so. Or not.

But I'm still trying to figure out how I can merge my love of fiber with the necessity of earning a decent income. There are a couple of available buildings downtown that would make perfect yarn shops. Leesburg doesn't have a yarn shop. I don't have the capital to open a yarn shop. My husband claims that I have zero business or financial sense and unrealistic expectations. But I could learn, no?

Knitting news

I've made no progress at all on the second sock, nor on the shawl. However, I did ply the singles of the Corriedale I spun up the other day:

I'm mostly satisfied with it, although it is a bit thick and thin. It should make for an...ummm...interesting...knitting experience.


Anonymous said...

I bow at Stephanie's feet. The whole thing was just too scary and I had to avert my eyes.
I'm a receptionist and work close to home, too (didn't want to commute). I love it. With plenty of blogs to read and friends on the 'net, my day is full. But then, I am old enough to care nothing for a career.

Anonymous said...

I love your thick/thin yarn! Wonderful colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what it turns into.

I'd love a way to incorporate fibre into meeting my requirement to provide food, clothing and shelter for the family, but at this point all I can do is use knitting as my primary source of stress relief during the day.