Monday, March 07, 2005

Who am I?

Why am I here? These questions were going round and round in my head early Sunday morning as I lay in bed, waiting for the migraine medication to kick in. I feel like I'm approaching a cross-roads in my life. This prospect is exciting and scary at once. Exciting because I feel like I'm beginning to get "un-stuck" and scary because I'm approaching something unknown. At lot of disparate things are beginning to converge in my life. Or if not exactly converge, this sometimes dense brain of mine is beginning to pick up on similarities in messages from different sources in my life. Volunteer, give back, open up, communicate, be congruent...

We recently hired a new Director of Product Development at work. I've been sending a message out to the universe in general that I'm ready for a teacher and I think the teacher has arrived, at least for the professional aspect of my life (I lead a software testing, technical writing, and technical support team). His philosophy is very similar to mine, but he has much more managerial experience than I do. I think with his tutelage, I can increase my effectiveness at work, particularly when it comes to managing up.

In yoga class, the message is unfold, open up, and arrive. A similar message was given at the Greater Olney Civic Association awards ceremony, where my mother-in-law was presented with the Citizen of the Year award for her volunteer work with her church, Olney Help, and Manna.

So what will happen? Stay tuned.

In knitting news, I almost finished one toe-up sock. I got to the casting off point and realized the instructions were not making much sense. There was an error in the pattern, so after verifying that what I thought should happen was correct (I still don't have enough confidence to bravely forge ahead), I'll finish casting off tonight and then graft the toe tomorrow. Just think, in another three months, I'll have a pair of socks! Woo hoo!

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Amie said...

If you did toe up, why do you have to graft the toe???

If I can help with the instructions, let me know.

I completely identify with your feelings at work... sometimes the universe has to kick me in the butt, but I eventually start to see the path...