Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Cabled Cardigan

Well, here are the pictures. I finally figured out how to post multiple pictures to a single entry. The pattern is the #17 Cabled Cardigan from Tahki Yarns 2004 Spring/Summer collection. It uses green (#15) New Tweed, which is a merino/silk/cotton/viscose blend. And now, for your viewing pleasure, the sleeve:

And here's the back:

The photos don't do justice to the color and texture of the pattern. This is my first attempt at knitting a cardigan and I suspect that the fit will be a little off. But that's okay. It's a good learning process.

And now I'm off to eat dinner and maybe work on a sock.


Amie said...

You got it!

Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!

Valerie said...

Hi Teri, the cabled cardi looks like it will be lovely! I just scanned down your blog....the teal corridale...are you sure that's what it is? I've had some Gaywool merino/mohair top in my stash for years which looks suspiciously familiar. I'll have to dig it out and post a picture to my blog sometime.

Leslie Shelor said...

Hello from another Virginia fiber girl!

Really like the cardigan; I think it will be beautiful! And about that teal corridale...I have it in my stash, too, disguised as teal merino. No mohair in it; that colorway must have been popular!

Anonymous said...

Your cabled cardigan is looking wonderful!