Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With Gratitude

As the holiday season approaches, I start to reflect on the past year. I have been so blessed this year. My health has been good, I have a job, and most importantly, I'm surrounded by wonderful, loving, family and friends.

My parents and brothers provide such unconditional love and support, especially during the tough times. They encourage me to follow my dream (starting my own business) and Carl has helped me overcome my fear of leaving raw milk on the counter (hint: clabbered milk makes awesome cheese)(second hint: raw milk tastes a million times better than even the cream-line, flash-pasteurized, organic milk at the health food store). Scott has inspired me to expand my artistic endeavors and I'm thrilled that he's following his heart by surrounding himself with pottery that he finds beautiful. And Brian humbles me; he has remained strong in the face of really difficult times and doesn't ask for anything.

My husband, Tom, tolerates my creative explorations and takes care of hearth and home since my job this year has required a lot of overtime. I don't think he realizes how much I appreciate all that he does to keep this household together and how much I love him.

My friends have also provided undying support, good humor, and spiritual guidance. Marcia, Leigh, Heidi, Pat, Val, Keith, and Mike are there for good conversation, political diatribes, and perspective.

And last but not least, I'm so very grateful for the Squam Art Workshops community. I've lost my fear of trying things I never thought I was good at (drawing, painting, photography) and found that I can do these things better than I ever thought I could. All it took was trying, and the support of this wonderful community.

I wish for everyone a very happy and grateful Thanksgiving.