Sunday, August 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

For the last couple of weeks, the knitting on the stealth project and the wedding shawl has been moving right along. I was feeling a little concerned about the width of the stealth project, but after measuring it earlier today, I'm no longer worried. It will block to size admirably well. However, I'm more concerned about the color matching on the two skeins. Despite the recommendation on the label, I did not knit alternately from the two skeins. I made that decision because I closely examined them, under an Ott light no less, and could discern no difference in color. That is, until I started knitting from the second skein. Observe:

I have 3 choices: Do nothing and keep on knitting; rip back to several inches before the skein change and start alternating the two skeins, or rip back the entire thing and start over. If I keep knitting, the color change will be a design element, with the colors going from the vibrant colors of early summer to the tired, faded colors of late summer. The third option is almost a non-starter, since I'm knitting on deadline and I have a wedding shawl to knit, also on deadline. I think the second option is probably the best. What do the fine knitting minds who read this blog recommend?

The wedding Cleite shawl is also giving me fits. I knit (albeit slowly) the entire first repeat without major mishap. The second repeat, however, is not working out at all. I have 49 stitches before the center stitch. The pattern shows 49 stitches before the center stitch. The pattern repeat within the larger pattern repeat is 24 stitches. I'm supposed to knit 24-stitch repeat twice, plus 1 extra stitch. That equals 49 stitches. But I'm 3 stitches short and I have no idea why. I must be missing something critical.

A Young Knitter
My parents got a bushel of blue crabs this weekend for a mini-family reunion so we traveled down to Smithfield yesterday. My 10-year old niece was there, with her knitting. She's become quite good, knitting quickly and evenly, often without looking at her knitting. I told her about Ravelry and and, with the blessing of her mother, she's now a Raveler! She even started recording her stash and needles. I also brought a spare drop spindle and some roving and taught her the rudiments of drop spinning. She's hooked. Fortunately, I have a good-sized stash and rather a lot of needles and those items will be finding their way to her. It's very gratifying to see her blossom as a knitter and spinner.

Running Progress
The running is just not happening, which is problematic because I'm supposed to run a trail half marathon in less than a month. I think if the weather is cool on race day, I'll be fine. If it's hot and humid, it's not going to be pretty. I didn't run this weekend and won't be running next weekend, since I'll be crewing a 100-mile race for Tom. Oh will be what it will be.

That's it for now. Have a great week and happy knitting!