Sunday, July 06, 2008

C-K Integration RC2*

With the successful implementation of C-K Integration RC1 (essentially the installation phase), it was time to start working on C-K Integration RC2, the actual integration phase. Fortunately, the design and development phase went well and when C-K Integration RC2 moved into the test phase, no major problems were found. As with all new development, there were problems when the two components did not play nice, as we say. The software is self-correcting, though, and as issues arrive, the components seem to be able to fix the problems without much developer intervention.

I'm rather pleased with the way the two felines are getting along. After hearing horror stories about the incoming cat having to be sequestered for weeks and weeks, I was prepared for the worst. We kept him totally sequestered for several days, then put a piece of lattice in the door to his room, so he could see out and Emma could see in. We also let him out of his room for brief periods. Emma was very curious, but wary, about this new critter in the house. Initially she'd growl and hiss at him, but over the last week, the growling and hissing has diminished somewhat.

He (I should probably call him by his name, right?) is a playful little boy. He can play for hours without stopping and then all of sudden he goes to sleep. He likes all of his toys but I think his most favorite toy is Emma. He pounces on her and tries to catch her tail and chases her. She'll play with him, but when she's had enough, she lets him know. She'll growl and smack him on top the head--bapbapbap! He has learned enough to sort of back down when she raises her paw. However, Emma is not the dominant cat. She has lost all of her favorite sleeping places to the little boy. That's very sad.

Despite the occasional spats, they get along well. I'm very pleased with the he has integrated into the household. He's a sweet little boy and is mostly well-behaved. How can you not love a face like this?

And here he is, trying to play with his tail:

He's just so cute! (What's that, you say? What's his name? Oh, right...his name is Bosco.)

Knitting Progress
Sad to say, there's not much knitting going on. Between work (which has become quite busy), running, and the kitten, I haven't had much time to knit, save for a round or two while I was waiting for carry-out at our local Thai-restaurant-in-a-gas-station (which has excellent food, by the way). One Monkey sock is almost done. I'm still working on the toe but it's very close. All of my other projects? Nothing. And for pictures? Nada again. One of these days I'll get around to taking pictures.

That's it for now. Happy knitting!

*Cat-Kitten Integration Release Candidate 2


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, how cute!!! My two are still not exactly the best of friends and I think that mixing older cats is just never going to be the same as kitten/cat. But they can co-exist and that is really all we need.

But how great would it be to be able to get a picture like the first one you have up there? Sooooo sweet!!!

PurlingPirate said...

Bosco is so cute!!! Glad the integration is going well!!

Chris said...

Ohhhh, he's so cute!! I'm glad he and Emma are getting along so well . . . they will be good friends before you know it! (I wish that were true of my two girls -- we still have lots of growling from Crabby Abby more than a year later).

KSee said...

They both look like kittens in the cat tower. I'm so glad it is working out. Emma will enjoy his company.

Unknown said...

What a cutie! Time for a knitted cat toy?