Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Surprise

Ha! Two posts in one weekend...can you believe it? But that's not the surprise.

This is.

Yep, that's our new kitty. Or it will be when we finalize the adoption on Wednesday and pick him up on Thursday. His shelter name is Patrick, but I doubt that we'll keep that name. It's too serious of a name for an energetic kitten. It will be interesting trying to introduce him to Emma. And he's so tiny. I'm afraid he'll get lost in our house. I think we're going to have to make the basement off-limits to him until he grows up.

Today we revisited the four-mile section of the Dickey Ridge Trail that finished our 23-mile run a couple of weeks ago. However, we ran it in reverse which meant that we had to run uphill for four miles (about 1000 feet of elevation gain) to the Visitor's Center. Oof. My running was mostly walking, although at times I managed to do the "Haleakala shuffle," walking 10 steps, then running 10 steps. The trip up took about 55 minutes; the return trip took 35 minutes. It was a fun run.

And then on Thursday, Tom takes off for Sheridan, Wyoming to run the Big Horn 50 Miler. However, the race director had to make a last minute change to the course because there's too much snow at the original starting place (like 10 feet of the stuff)! It sounds like the run is going to be full of creek crossings and shoe-sucking mud. Oh what fun!

Nada. No pictures, either. It's a theme.

All for now!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your new little baby!! :D

Chris said...

EEEE! New baby kitten!! I can't wait to see pictures of him in his new home . . . what a cutie!

When we adopted Mardi, we fully intended to change her name when we got her home . . . and then had a hard time coming up with one, so she stayed named Mardi!

Sheepish Annie said...

Congratulations! That is just about the cutest little face I've seen in I dunno how long! I just wanna hug him!

KSee said...

can't wait to see you new baby kitty. Running! Good for you. I admire runners from afar, I'm doing good to get from the car to the office, LOL