Monday, March 03, 2008


The Gentleman's Fancy Socks. They are finished!

On the hoof:

Reclining on the bed:

After all was said and done, despite the numerous do-overs on sock the second, these socks were a pleasure to knit. They fit Tom relatively well, although they are a little snug. Personally, I like a snug sock. Tom declared them very comfy and I practically had to wrestle them away from him so they could relax in a nice warm Eucalan bath. I think Tom's next pair of socks will be from this yarn:

It's a nice self-patterning yarn and hopefully the pattern will cause the socks to look like Tibetan socks. Or rather, what we imagine Tibetan socks to look like.

I didn't have too much energy last night for knitting anything complicated, so I started prototyping the Thumbless Jogger's Mittens from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around, using some Manos I had left over from a hat. While these mittens continue to charm me (how can you not love a mitten where the top curls around your fingertips?), I am not charmed by the way they are turning out. I think they are sized for a large adult hand (which I definitely don't have) and even though I'm getting something approximating gauge, I don't like the way the single-ply is knitting up. These will be headed straight for the frog pond and I'll try with another type of yarn. Hmmm...maybe a two-ply like the pattern calls for?

Okay, it's time to stop now. I'm beginning to focus on the hungry tummy rumblings (no solid food since Saturday night) and am sure that anything else I write won't be very cohesive.

Happy knitting!


Sheepish Annie said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Those came out great!

Alison said...

Nice socks! I look forward to seeing how the Fortissima knits up. Take it easy, I hope your recovery from "the procedure" goes well and offers plenty time to knit to your heart's content.

KSee said...

Tom's socks came out great. Funny how they look differnet on the hoof. I've knit with Fortissima and really liked it.

Petra said...

YEE-HAW!!! Those are some FANCY socks! They look fabulous!