Thursday, April 26, 2007


Of course, whenever I mean to post a short entry, I seem to end up going on forever. But this is to let my five loyal readers know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I just haven't had much to say.

Knitting is happening. I finished the first Spirit Trail sock (except for weaving in the ends). The Divine scarf is complete, except for blocking and weaving in the ends. The sweaters...well...I'm slogging along, at a pace slower than the snails. I'm reaching the conclusion that maybe I'm not cut out to knit sweaters, even wee ones. Of course, maybe I should start with easier patterns.

The second installment of Rockin' Sock Club arrived today. And boy, is it gorgeous! And it feels so yummy. The pattern that came along with it is intriguing and it looks like it will be fun to knit. Have I knit up the first pair of socks yet? No. But I'm guaranteed years of knitting enjoyment.


Next month the Wooly Wonka Exotic Fibers Club will start. It sounds like there will be both spinning and knitting involved. I'm beginning to get a little intimidated; I'm afraid my spinning isn't up to par and am thinking that I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I'm off to Kirkridge this weekend to cook for the Y2Knit retreat. I spent the day grocery shopping and all the supplies are laid in. I just hope I remember to pack everything. It would be a very bad thing if I forgot the lasagna.

A full report (at some point) of last weekend and this weekend when I return.

Enjoy the weekend!


Sheepish Annie said...

Yay! I'm doing Wooly Wonka, too! We can worry endlessly about how we'll measure up together. I figure that exotic fibers will look great no matter what we do to them. And I suspect that you are more skilled at this than you let on...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you going to MSWF this year??

Unknown said...

Oh peeshaw. You will be just fine and if you have any problems, that's why I'm/we're all here. A little moral (immoral?) support.

Pics of the new STR? I do so love their colorways.....

Mia said...

Have fun. And let me know next week if you are going to Sheep and Wool. I will be there both days. Maybe we can finally meet face to face.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that a full bit of knitting and spinning you're involved in. Both the Wooly Wonka and the Y2Knit retreat sound like fun.

But what about MSWF?! (ha ha - I see that two people have already asked you about this.)

BTW - you have one extra "w" in the url for the Y2Knit site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Secret Pal!
I hope you are having a great week! I am going to the MSWF this weekend, and am going to look for something fun and interesting for you for your next package!
Happy knitting!
Your secret pal!