Sunday, October 15, 2006

Busy, Busy!

The weekend was chock-full of activities. I got home Friday night to find our street closed for the Homecoming Parade, which mightily peeved me since I had chosen to wear a skirt and heels to work and didn't particulary want to lug a heavy laptop all the way home. It would have been nice if the town had notified residents that the street was going to be closed. After I recovered from my snit, Tom and I headed down to Tuskie's to meet some friends for a drink, to be followed by pizza at Fire Works, a new pizza place in town. They have an excellent selection of beers and the pizza is very, very good. I had the Boston Meets Naples pizza, which had clams, crushed red pepper, and potatoes on it. Yum!

I was up relatively early on Saturday and made a quick run to the farmers market and grocery store to get supplies for the Fall Salad of Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, and Oven-Roasted Green Onions that I was going to make for the races. I roasted the onions, then headed out to get my hair cut; came back and finished the salad and then Tom and I drove out to the shelter to look for a cat.

There were a lot of cats and kittens and all of them were cute. But we didn't get one. We were a little pressed for time and the staff's time seemed to be taken up with helping a woman and her little daughter, who was totally captivated by a couple of the kittens. They had lost their cat two months ago and had come to the shelter to see if it was there. It wasn't, so the woman said they'd take two cats, sort of like they were going get two pairs of socks. We decided to come back in a couple of weeks, hopefully the atmosphere will be a little better.

We stopped long enough to pick up Leigh and then it was off to the races. This was the 27th running of the Morven Park Steeplechase. There were eight races, spaced out between 1:30 and 5:00. The running club had a space on the rail in the infield and we had a good view of the horses coming over the fences. A couple of horses lost their riders, but continued to run anyway. In fact, one of the riderless horses came in second place! Sadly, though, one horse took a very bad fall and had to be put down right then. We think it broke its neck. That race was a flat race, no jumps. It was very upsetting.

We dined late last night because of the homecoming dance. Apparently, the dance is now almost as big as senior prom. Who knew? Certainly not us, since we don't have kids and all of our friends' children are out of high school.

I received a very nice robe from Tom (my old robe was in tatters) and joy of joys...a new salad spinner! The old one's handle broke and we risked lacerations every time we used it.

Thanks to everyone for the fine birthday wishes!

Knitting News
There wasn't much knitting progress this weekend. I frogged the Christine sweater and started over. There was no sock progress, although the sock did get shown off. And I'll post pictures of my Mountains Colors acquisition soon.

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Sheepish Annie said...

When the time is right, the kitty that is meant to be yours will come home with you. I think waiting was the right choice.

Glad to hear the birthday was a good one. Sounds like it was a busy time!